Is there a place or online resource that I can look at to help me figure out how much my car accident case is worth for settlement?


Will the clerk at the courthouse be able to help me find similar cases that will help me evaluate my damages from a car accident?  Can I research jury verdicts for comparable accidents and analogous damage, can I research this online? Where can I look up case values in California for an automobile accident or a bus accident?


Nobody at the courthouse will provide you with help to figure out how much your case is worth.  Online resources do exist that collect and report verdicts of juries and settlements.  Most personal injury lawyers subscribe to information service providers like these.  Verdict and settlement reporting services costs a lot of money and come with other features so this will not help you unless you retain a personal injury attorney to handle your case.  Plus, you would not be able to understand these reports if you were handling your own personal injury case.

Nevertheless, being a non-lawyer, access to these reporting services, would not help you as they are not very user friendly and you would need to have some legal knowledge to interpret the results.  It takes a good personal injury attorney to be able to match up cases and injuries.  It can also be very hard to recognize the language of a legal nature in these reports of car accidents and injuries.  Even so, these reporting services are only able to access a small percentage of the information that you need to figure out your case value for a personal injury case.  Some cases have confidential settlement clauses.  Other cases might include other claims and injuries so an amount is not useful.


Trying to assess case values with these services takes the knowledge and experience of a local personal injury lawyer to relate the cases to each other.  This takes years to develop so you are not just going to be able to jump in. Important question include the kind of doctors and treatment, medical costs and invoices, the part of the body injured, are there any residuals of the pain. Where is the case situated?  Some courts have juries that are much more generous than other conservative juries.